Previously based in San Francisco and Los Angeles, Phil Saltonstall is a world-based photographer with an inspired and tenacious “Yes” approach to anything you can throw at him. Icebergs. Nuclear Power plants , Mojave airline graveyards,  Leather clad high fashion models, Roadkill objects d'art,  Forces of nature, Cranky celebrities who's portraits convey deeper truths,  Big hairy apes, Military laser experiments,  Spago at 12am, Burning guitars, throngs of kids meeting Mickey Mouse… he has rocked them all.

His ability to finesse magic out off an insanely diverse range of subjects and situations, makes him a go-to photographer for clients seeking to collaborate with an artist of deep vision and wide expertise. Equally comfortable in fashion, industrial, portrait, and lifestyle, past assignments have produced amazing images of Couture fashion, to Military satellites, to hanging out at home with Bill Gates, to shooting  StarTrek Producers beaming onto the transporter pad of the Enterprise.

An intuitive problem solver, Phil is not afraid of photoshop, large circus animals, or recalcitrant CEO’s, headstrong actresses, undecided art directors, or rigging cameras in ways for which they were not designed. Frequently seen directing shoots from“this is not a step” rung of the tallest ladders, or laying in wet chigger laden grass, he goes to extraordinary lengths of capture the magic… with panache. Despite the theatrics,  Phil has an innate ability to create smooth stress free shoots that put everyone at ease, and are awesomely fun to participate in and produce.

Currently exploring new cutting edge technologies, Phil is creating thematic immersive environments utilizing VR and animation software with very exciting results. In the past few months he’s been shooting in Iceland, The Netherlands, Denmark, United Kingdom, and Bali Indonesia.

RollingStone, Time, Esquire, Newsweek, Travel&Leisure, Fortune, TV Guide,  Us, Sports Illustrated, Forbes, Interview, Entertainment Weekly, Business Week, Inc.

Oracle, Universal Studios, Yahoo!, Electronic Arts, Microsoft, Nike, Caterpillar, Macy's, Il Fornaio, RollerBlades, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Delight, ,Sprint, Wells Fargo, Capitol Records, PG&E, Bechtel, National Resources Defense Council,  RCA Records, Bay Area Rapid Transit, Time Warner, U.S Department of Defense, Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, and Boy Scouts of America.

Captured the essences: Little Richard, Johnny Depp, Carrie Fischer,  Robin Wright Penn,  Herbie Hancock, MC Hammer, Katy Sagal, Gary Shandling, William Devane, Michelle Phillips, Jerry Seinfeld, NWA, Jefferson Airplane, Bill Graham, The Scorpions, Ronnie James Dio,  Carol Burnett, T Bone Burnett, Ed Asner, Burt Ruttan, Eva Gabor, Billy Wilder, Lynn Redgrave, Angela Lansbury, Peter O’toole, Rod Stewart, Sugar Ray Leonard, Wolfgang Puck, Venus Williams,  Gordon Moore, Larry Yang,  Jeremy Rifkin,  Bill Gates,  Mickey Mouse, and King Kong